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Introduction to Designing for High-Reliability

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When faced with environmental challenges such as extreme temperatures, electrical noise, shock, vibration and even radiation, incorrectly designed systems can fail. System failure can not only impact a company's reputation, but have far worse consequences such as injury, loss of life or environmental damage in the case of mission-critical systems.

In this webinar we will explore the different kinds of challenges embedded systems can face, what end effects these challenges have on embedded systems and how we mitigate these impacts in our designs. Understanding the challenges and mitigating them correctly ensures our designs are robust and safe.

Topics Covered in this Webinar:

  • Challenges faced by embedded systems and how these impact our systems
  • How failures manifest, systematic / random faults, avoidance and tolerance, common causes and fault propagation
  • Governance and standards (e.g., IEC61508, DO-254)
  • Design analysis techniques such as part stress, FMECA and structural code analysis
  • Design mitigation techniques such as high-reliability state machines, triple modular redundancy and communications schemes

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    Adam Taylor Founder and Principal Consultant @ Adiuvo Engineering and Training, Ltd.

    Adam Taylor is a chartered engineer and fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. He is an expert in FPGA and Embedded Systems design, with a specialization in high-reliability design.

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