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Getting started with Nios V and Ashling RiscFree IDE for Intel FPGAs

About this event

NIOS-V is the RISC-V Implementation for Intel FPGAs replacing the extremely popular NIOS-2.

In this workshop we are going to not only take a look at the NIOS-V but also examine the development tools and work through step by step how to create a simple NIOS V solutions.

To enable attendees to follow along Intel will be making available trial licenses for the Quartus Prime.

The workshop will cover the following aspects

  • What is NIOS V
  • Which devices are currently supported and role out plan
  • Examine the basic architecture of NIOS-V Clocks, Reset, Address Space, Debug
  • Development overview – Tool chains / EcoSystem
  • HW Tool Chain Quartus Prime / Platform Designer
  • SW Tool chain RiscFree IDE for Intel FPGA


  • Create first NIOS V application – from scratch using Quartus Prime and RiscFree IDE for Intel FPGA

As not all attendees may have a suitable development board the session will conclude with as demonstration of the SW Execution and Debugging on target board, in this case the Agilex SoC Transceiver Development Board

If you want to follow along you can get a Quartus Prime and Nios V

Step 1: Go to the self service licensing center

Step 2: Sign in or Register for an account

Step 3: Go to the “Sign up for Evaluation or Free Licenses” tab Step 4: Sign up for required licenses

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