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Challenge IA-Biodiv. « Research in Artificial Intelligence in the field of Biodiversity »

About this event

"Research in Artificial Intelligence in the field of Biodiversity"

Thusday, April 29th 2021 - 10 am (CET)

France’s National Biodiversity Plan published on 4 July 2018 has the overall objective of “Reconquering biodiversity, a question of survival for our societies”. One of the plan’s actions is to develop research and knowledge about biodiversity, with goals including defining integrative indicators to quantify and map the state of biodiversity.

Knowledge about biodiversity and its evolution is both a stimulating field for applying AI research and a major scientific and societal challenge. Artificial intelligence can make significant contributions with new dedicated solutions involving complex systems that incorporate heterogeneous elements and information.

The IA-Biodiv challenge thus aims to support Artificial Intelligence research in the field of biodiversity, by mobilizing cutting-edge French and African research. The challenge is launched by the ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) in partenership with AFD (Agence Française de Développement), relying on a donation from Facebook AI Research, for a global effort of 4.8 million €.

The IA-Biodiv challenge is intended for scientific communities in AI and biodiversity in France and AFD's partner countries in Africa. International consortia will be financed by Expertise France (mandated by AFD) according to the participation modalities for international consortia.

This conference intends to answer all the questions that potential applicants may have in their submission process.

· Animés par:

o Kamal Dadi & Peter Addo (Innovation unit / head of data Lab)

o Fanny Lachat (à completer librement)

Intervenants :

· Anne Lieutaud (Biodiversity expert)

· Frédéric Precioso (AI expert)

· Martine Garnier (Director, ANR)

· Frédéric Monot (Director, ANR)

· Sandrine Boucher (Innovation Director, AFD)

· Alice Dapogny (Director, Expertise France)

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    FL G
    Fanny Lachat

  • Guest speaker
    MP G
    Mélanie Pateau

  • Guest speaker
    VB G
    Virginie Barbosa

  • Guest speaker
    KD G
    Kamal Dadi

  • Guest speaker
    OG G
    Olivier Galibert

  • Guest speaker
    FM G
    Frederic Monot

  • Guest speaker
    AL G
    Anne Lieutaud

  • Guest speaker
    AD G
    Alice Dapogny

  • Guest speaker
    MG G
    Martine Garnier

  • Guest speaker
    Yl G
    Yvan le Bras

  • Team member
    Ad T
    Agence française de Développement

  • Guest speaker
    BS G
    Boucher Sandrine

  • Guest speaker
    LS G
    Loïc Sabarly

  • Guest speaker
    JB G
    Jean-Baptiste Bazot

  • Guest speaker
    GB G
    Giulia Bosio

  • Guest speaker
    FP G
    Frédéric Precioso

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