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Demo: Personnel cyber security guidance and training in Cyberday

About this event

Demo-webinars are to present the utilization of Cyberday from the point-of-view of a selected main feature. These webinars emphasize live screenshares and giving some admin / expert tips, through which you can get the most out of your Cyberday usage.

This demo-webinar presents creating an automatized personnel cyber security guidance and training process.

Webinar is suitable for anyone interested in Cyberday and more experienced admins, who'd like to expand usage and develop personnel security awareness further.

Webinar contents

  • Admins for in personnel guidance and training
  • Defining and activating guidelines
  • Utilizing example content
  • Targeting guidelines for appropriate units
  • End user experience in guidance and training
  • Guidebook view
  • Automatic reminders from Teams bot
  • Tips for broader Cyberday guidance deployment
  • Distribute a Teams app through "app setup policies"
  • Personnel instructions to utilize
  • From guidance to training?
  • Enabling case stories and skill tests
  • Monitoring the efficiency of guidance and training
  • Summaries for admins
  • "Personnel guidance and training procedure" -report for audit purposes

We welcome questions and comments throughout the webinar! These are also an important part of the webinar content.

P.s. Registering for the webinar doesn't commit you to anything. You may also participate either "live" or via the recording, which you will receive automatically via email after the webinar is over.

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    Aleksi Pulkkanen COO @ Digiturvamalli

    Digiturvamalli-perustaja. CIPP/E


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