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ISO 27001 (part 5/5): Certification achieved - what next?

About this event

This is the first webinar on our 5-part webinar series "Towards ISO 27001 certification". Part 1 is well suitable for anyone, regardless of your current knowledge of information security standards. Parts 2-4 cover themes, which are vital for an organization preparing for an ISO 27001 certification audit. Part 5 is about staying compliant and continuously improving your information security management system (ISMS).

The webinar series utilizes Cyberday as training tool (cyberday.ai). It will be used to build your organization's own management system and gather all information needed for the certification audit to one single place.

Webinar is suitable for information security key people in organisations, who are interested in systematic information security management and demonstrating good security level for customers.

Webinar agenda

  • Operating your ISMS
  • Supervision of core team tasks
  • Staff guidelines monitoring and efficiency
  • Maintaining uptodateness of documentation
  • Reviewing risk management results and reacting to important events
  • New / modified risks
  • Security incidents or upcoming, significant changes
  • Maintenance procedures for ISMS and their results
  • Carrying out internal audits
  • Carrying out management reviews
  • Processing personnel changes in relation to ownerships
  • Change management
  • Continuous improvement
  • Updating security objectives
  • Corrective actions (in relation to non-conformities)
  • Other improvements

We welcome questions and comments throughout the webinar! These are also an important part of the webinar content.

P.s. Registering for the webinar doesn't commit you to anything. You may also participate either "live" or via the recording, which you will receive automatically via email after the webinar is over.

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    Aleksi Pulkkanen COO @ Digiturvamalli

    Cyberday founder. CIPP/E

Cyberday (Digiturvamalli)

Modern ISMS inside MS Teams | Moderni digiturvan hallintajärjestelmä MS Teamsissa

Digiturvamalli on moderni digiturvan hallintajärjestelmä, joka toimii suoraan MS Teamsissa.

Cyberday is a modern information security management system (ISMS) that works directly inside MS Teams.