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Software company & ISO 27001: Learnings and tips on building an ISMS

About this event

Welcome to our webinar training, where we go through ISO 27001 cyber security standar, building a related ISMS (information security management system) using Cyberday and share learning and tips about the benefits of having a certified ISMS on a software company.

The internationally most popular cyber security standard ISO 27001 will serve as the backbone for the webinar. We will present a step-by-step plan towards compliance, which you can follow in building your own management system in Cyberday. Level 1 establishes the basics for systematic cyber security management, level 2 expands on the cyber security controls and level 3 ensures the ISMS is certification-ready with monitoring, auditing and risk management procedures. Gradual progression is recommended and benefits are also obtained without pursuing certification (level 3).

In the webinar, we will also openly share our own experiences of obtaining ISO 27001 certification and the benefits of the standard in the practical development of cyber security - honestly from one software company to another.

The webinar is suitable for people in top management, IT, data security or data protection roles in software companies. The ISO 27001 standard does not have to be comprehensively known in advance.

Webinar contents

  • Quick intro to ISO 27001 standard
  • 3-level compliance plan
  • Level 1 - Basics, operating morel, roles
  • Level 2 - Broader control check and execution
  • Level 3 - Certification readiness and more advanced procedures
  • The main elements of cyber security management in Cyberday
  • Document main assets of cyber security with smart template cards
  • Automatise staff guidance around today's biggest cyber threats
  • Delegate core team tasks and demonstrate they are implemented
  • Create needed policies / procedures as smart reports, without any separate word documents
  • Usage inside MS Teams
  • Experiences and pitfalls on the road to certification
  • Risk management
  • Internal audits
  • Management involvement in the right way
  • Collaboration and sharing info with the auditor
  • Statement of Applicability (SoA, ISO 27002)
  • Securely distribute reports / documentation to the auditor directly in MS Teams

We welcome questions and comments throughout the webinar! These are also an important part of the webinar content.

P.s. Registering for the webinar doesn't commit you to anything. You may also participate either "live" or via the recording, which you will receive automatically via email after the webinar is over.

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    Aleksi Pulkkanen COO @ Digiturvamalli

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