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Agilitest invites you to their event

Unleash continuous validation with automated functional testing

About this event

Demonstrate the value of your validation projects through test automation

Have your past experiences not allowed you to implement a real continuous validation process for your multi-channel applications?

Are you looking for a solution that will allow you to lighten your existing test load (manual and automated) with a simple and robust automation solution?

Find out how you can make immediate gains and gain peace of mind in your validation activities with Agilitest.

During this 45-minute webinar presented by Didier Donnat, Sales Director and Maxime Goanvic, Test Consultant, discover the main principles and key features of Agilitest.

General and business aspects

  • Discover the automation of functional tests, finally affordable by automation specialists but also by testers and functional staff.
  • Drastically reduce maintenance time thanks to a design that emphasizes simplicity and robustness.

Technical Program

  • How to download, install and configure Agilitest
  • How to create your first ATS project with Agilitest
  • How to create your first ATS functional test automation scenario with Agilitest
  • Overview of the different unit actions that can be automated with Agilitest
  • How to set up execution suites and generate campaign reports
  • Presentation of the different channels: web, mobile, web service and Windows desktop.
  • Presentation of the integration with Git, Jenkins and third party CI/CD tools.

Live Q&A

  • Ask your questions to our team

This webinar will be held in English 🇬🇧

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Maxime Goanvic Pre-Sales Consultant @ Agilitest


Codeless Functional Testing at Scale is now a Reality

Featuring a unique approach to functional test automation, Agilitest offers a comprehensive view on the quality of software at all times – on web, desktop, mobile and webservice technologies alike.
In a context where Agile teams and DevOps integration are becoming the norm, Agilitest provides all so