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CashEsssentials invites you to their event

Is CashTech the Future of Cash?

About this event

CashTech is, to coin a phrase, the encounter of cash and technology. CashTech gathers companies which adopt software and communications technology to provide improved cash services - including access to cash and acceptance of cash payments - as well as to enhance the efficiency of the cash cycle.

Some start-ups, scale-ups and innovators are focused specifically at making it easier to pay and get paid in cash. Some are facilitating access to cash at a time when in many markets traditional banks are closing branches and ATMs. Others are focusing on improving acceptance of cash payments, including on new online and mobile channels. All are offering technology-based innovative solutions to make cash more efficient.

The panelists will discuss how new players can impact the cash cycle. Will they challenge traditional players, or will they partner with them to improve the cash distribution network? Will they compete with existing branches and ATMs or will they offer an alternative channel Can they disrupt the trend towards increasing use of digital payments? Or can they turn cash into a digital payment? Can they establish a new cash lifestyle?

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Guillaume Lepecq Chair @ CashEssentials

    Guillaume is a globally recognized expert in the subjects of payments and cash. Working primarily as a consultant over the last twenty years, Guillaume was appointed Chair of the CashEssentials Think Tank in February 2019.

  • Guest speaker
    Chris Forero-Slee Co-founder and CEO of Shrap @ Shrap

    Chris has held executive management positions for the past 10 years at Platform One and more recently Novia Global, the first two UK-based platform companies to enter the international market. At Shrap, we believe that people should be able to transact anonymously and for free.

  • Guest speaker
    Hari Sivan Founder and CEO @ SOCASH

    A former banker with a career that spans stints with the world’s leading financial institutions, Hari now uses his expertise with digital payment, product development and risk management to build Asia’s largest distribution network for cash.

  • Guest speaker
    Sandipan Chakraborty Founder and CEO @ Sonect

    Sandipan spent over a decade at Credit Suisse and saw how expensive cash handling could be in developed countries. He believes technology change management is necessary to adapt any human behaviour particularly in the space of payments.

  • Guest speaker
    Andreas Veller Managing Director @ Barzahlen

    Andreas is accountable for the finance, operations, product and legal department at viafintech. He is the founder of Shopwings and worked as a consultant in the banking sphere. At McKinsey he managed the IT restructuration of a retail bank and a post merger integration in the banking sector.


CashEssentials is an independent initiative offering a platform for debate about the payments and monetary ecosystems, and conducting and fostering high-quality research on cash and its future.