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Urner Barry's Seafood Market Update

About this event

As the Russian and Ukraine war presses on, sanctions against Russia continue to increase, greatly affecting the supply of various seafoods globally. The market experts at Urner Barry are hosting a 45 minute webinar to discuss these current events and their impact on the industry. With the time of year being the busiest for domestic fish demand, overseas conflicts and government sanctions have thrown a wrench in an already hectic time.

For those in the seafood industry, these issues are a constant headache. This webinar will help attendees gain insight about the scale of these problems and what this means for supply and pricing. Tune in for conversations and analysis from our panelists, and take part in our audience Q&A to make sure your questions are answered.

Please join us on Tuesday March 29th at 2PM EST to learn from our industry experts about all the happenings in the Seafood industry. Our panelists include:

● Amanda Buckle, Managing Editor, SeafoodNews

● Gary Morrison, Vice President at Urner Barry

● Andrei Rjedkin, Junior Economist at UB Consulting

● Lorin Castiglione, Seafood Market Reporter

● Janice Schreiber, Editor - Seafood

Subjects to be addressed include:

● The market impact of the Lenten season.

● Wild shrimp and the latest on shrimp imports.

● The ban on Russian crab imports and their effect.

● Snow crab quotas and what the quotas means for the industry.

● Sanction and tariff impacts on whitefish.

● Salmon’s spot at retail and dull demand in recent weeks.

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    Andrei Rjedkin Urner Barry

  • Guest speaker
    Gary Morrison Market Reporter and Vice President @ Urner Barry

    Gary Morrison is Vice President and market reporter at Urner Barry where he is responsible for reporting on the beef and seafood markets. Gary specializes in analyzing macro themes and economic data to see how they relate to market conditions, pricing trends, and buying patterns. Through his research, he is able to bring clarity to complex market situations and provide customers with what they need to develop a sound business strategy. Gary’s professional interests include financial analysis, product development, process improvement, and management. He is also Urner Barry’s Director of Human Resources and oversees recruitment and employee relations. Gary graduated with Honors from Rutgers University School of Business in New Brunswick, NJ with a Bachelor of Science. He later earned a Masters of Business Administration through Georgian Court University.

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    Amanda Buckle

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    Mintec Webcasts Webcast Host

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    Janice Schreiber Urner Barry

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    Lorin Castiglione Urner Barry