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R2R Accounting Process Standardisation Deep Dive

About this event

Standardised and transparent accounting processes across an enterprise organisation is every transformation leader’s dream. However, the reality of shared drives, Excel spreadsheets, emails and a mix of ERP systems often stands in the way of achieving that goal. In a world of a multitude of ERP systems, currencies, tax regulations and little to no ability to enforce policies, global accounting standardisation can seem like a daunting task to achieve.

This webinar will explain and demonstrate a set of Aico financial close software features designed to harmonise accounting tasks. We will look at features such as:

  • One system – a single source of truth across your entire organisation
  • Standardised templates for all your R2R Processes – enabling repeatable, sustainable processes
  • Workflow standardisation – ensuring all tasks are performed in a consistent, repeatable way
  • Transparency across your Organisation – Global dashboards encompassing data from all connected ERP systems in a single view for complete visibility
  • Enforceable rules – multiple validation rules over and above your ERP system validations, ensuring consistency and accuracy every time

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    Sarah Bellerby Pre Sales Consultant @ Aico Oy

    A qualified Accountant with a passion for implementing intelligent solutions to streamline financial processes, mitigate risk and increase compliance. Having worked in the R2R arena for several years at both Trintech and now Aico, I have valuable experience in Financial Close Automation Solutions.


Intelligent Financial Close Automation Platform

Aico helps enterprise-level organisations to perform financial close faster with the assurance of high data accuracy. We work closely with our customers to improve their record-to-report process efficiency while at the same time reduce financial system complexity.