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[On-Demand] Combining Predictive AI and Generative AI for eCommerce Growth

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As consumer demand for personalized engagements continues to grow, eCommerce brands are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to scale effectively, enhance their capabilities, and meet evolving customer expectations. However, many existing solutions are resource-intensive and require manual tweaking, A/B testing, and one-size-fits-all logic in the form of website widgets.

Additionally, different people buy the same product for very different reasons. By combining Generative AI and Predictive AI technologies, eCommerce brands and retailers can now deliver authentic and personalized experiences, automatically curating and deploying product recommendations, product descriptions, and content uniquely tailored to each shopper.

This dynamic system keeps learning and adjusting to customers' preferences on autopilot, ensuring an unrivaled shopping experience that drives faster decisions, higher average order values (AOV), and increased customer loyalty.

Brian Bird, COO of Aidaptive and Brian Henessy, CEO of Talkoot explore the combined potential of generative AI and predictive AI to elevate personalization experiences for your brand, enhance customer engagements, and drive growth for your business.

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  • Guest speaker
    Brian Bird COO @ Aidaptive

  • Guest speaker
    Anna Rillahan Chief Growth Officer @ Talkoot

  • Guest speaker
    Brian Hennessy CEO, Co-Founder @ Talkoot


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