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How Blockchain will Impact HR and The World of Work

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You have heard about blockchain, but ever wondered how the technology behind the crypto-hype could change the way we work?

In this live webinar, Andy Spence, will outline the inherent features of blockchain that can help us build the next generation of work platforms that are fairer and more effective.

This includes owning and monetising your own digital career profile, examples of identity and qualification verification mechanisms, frictionless work-matching, and paying workers almost immediately using digital smart contracts.

We'll end the webinar with some suggestions on what you can do now to get involved.

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    Andrew Spence Strategic Workforce Advisor

    Workforce Advisor | Faculty @BlockchainRI | Fellow @theRSAorg | Advisor @Dock_io | Blogsquad & Moderator #UNLEASH18 #HRTech #AI #Blockchain #FutureOfWork

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