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AIMS AIOps Talk with Marius & Raman

About this event

The complexity of IT systems has been exponentially increasing. Utilizing Cloud and microservices adds options, flexibility, elasticity, and opportunities.

According to Gartner, by 2024, 30% of business leaders will rely on AI in IT Operations (AIOps) platforms for automated insights to drive business-related decisions, as compared to less than 3% today.

IT Operations is changing for good - organizations are starting to adopt AIOps. And what about your organisation? What if you can implement AIOps without a massive project and ongoing maintenance?

The goal of the “AIMS AIOps Talk” webinar series is to deep-dive into specific topics and empower you with tangible knowledge on how to:

  • Implement AIOps in your organization
  • Get the complete observability of the technology your business relies on
  • Automatically identify and troubleshoot issues (anomalies) that can impact your business
  • Get the most out of AIMS agents for BizTalk, Azure, SQL, Windows, and more

About AIMS

AIMS uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to learn the behavior of all your performance metrics across your IT environment, identifies critical correlations and dependencies, and provides early notification of IT issues that can bring down your business.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Marius Storsten CTO @ AIMS

  • Team member
    Raman Dubey Customer Success Manager @ AIMS Innovation

    A Customer Success Manager with the aim to help customers to understand and extract more values out of AIMS that are in line with their business goals.

  • Team member
    Ekaterina Kazakova Product Marketing Manager @ AIMS Innovation


Solving the challenges of modern IT Operations with Artificial Intelligence - AIOps

Transform your IT and Business operations with the AIMS AIOps platform. Get actionable insights powered by AI and complete observability of the tech your business runs on.