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A Two-Pronged Approach: How Industries Are Using Diverse EO Datasets to Efficiently Improve Insights

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The Airbus Constellation of optical and radar satellites offer a unique combination of capabilities that can provide data and ground truth to users as they solve complex problems. In this webinar, co-hosted by TerraWatch Space, we will discuss multi-source data applications including: how multi-resolution satellite data is being used to provide value for crop intelligence, mining applications and urban monitoring.

We are thrilled to have three Airbus customers to help lead the discussion:

SkyWatch: SkyWatch’s marketplace, EarthCache, brings satellite and remote sensing data providers and customers together to enable the application of Earth observation data (EO) to solve a diverse set of use cases. They partner with multiple providers, including Airbus, to supply data to geospatial experts and leading organizations looking to bring the power of EO data to their operations. SkyWatch customers use EO data across a diverse set of industries to monitor critical infrastructure, optimize their operations, and mitigate risk, and Airbus’ very high resolution data offerings have been integral to the success of our customers.

Intelinair: Uses optical data from Airbus and other sources to elevate agronomic management decisions made by agriculture retailers and growers. Insights are provided all season long thereby increasing efficiency by prioritizing fields and offering assurance that fields are monitored and reviewed for timely decision making and identifying sustainability opportunities.

3VGeomatics: Uses Airbus SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) data to detect and map ground displacement across vast areas to millimetric precision. Over the past 15 years, SAR Interferometry (InSAR) has become embedded within the geotechnical community and is now commonplace for monitoring mines, pipelines and oil fields. More recently, its value has been realized to manage engineering construction displacement and monitor urban ground motion.

We look forward to the discussion.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Jessi Dick Sr. Director of Marketing, NA @ Airbus, Intelligence

  • Guest speaker
    Jon Leighton Director of Operations @ 3vGeomatics

  • Guest speaker
    Kevin Krieg Business Development Director @ Intelinair

  • Guest speaker
    Allison Hill Data Scientist @ SkyWatch

  • Guest speaker
    Aravind Ravichandran Founder @ TerraWatch Space

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