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Community Call: Building an Open-Source Data Platform in 2023 w/

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Join us for a riveting community call led by Lucien Fregosi, Senior Data Engineer at, as he navigates the complexities of building an open-source data platform in 2023. Learn about implementing everything as code, creating a robust universal ingestion job, utilizing open-source K8s deployable software in standardized Kubernetes clusters, and how to maintain business logic within the data team to define company-level KPIs.

The session will also guide you through a detailed data journey, exploring tools such as Airbyte for data collection, Big Lake for lakehouse storage, DBT incremental models, Prefect for triggering scheduled data pipelines, and Cube dev for KPI metrics layers. Dive deep into data collection with Airbyte, understand how to define multiple sources feeding a Google Cloud Storage bucket, and how to effectively use octavia-cli for source, destination, and connection coding. Enhance your data engineering skills and register for this enlightening event today!

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    Lucien Fregosi Senior Data Engineer @


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