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Product Management Trends and Challenges in 2022

About this event

The profile of product teams is getting higher and higher in this product-centric era. This translates to more opportunities as well as challenges.

Join our panel of product experts - Lisa Mo Wagner, Adam Hecht and Adam Thomas, as they discuss and anticipate the trends and challenges of product management in 2022. While all of our 3 speakers have had plenty experiences in product management, their specialized fields are quite different. With their diverse backgrounds and the moderation from our host Andrea Saez - airfocus' Sr. Product Marketing Manager, an extremely dynamic and insightful discussion is to be expected.

Meet our speakers: Lisa Mo Wagner, Adam Hecht and Adam Thomas!

Lisa is a product person with a strong focus on inclusive and empowering product management. Her 9 years of experience range from early-stage startups to corporates in Europe and Canada across industries like retail, ad tech, e-commerce, and fintech.

Adam H. has been in product management for almost ten years, building both B2B and B2C products across diverse industries such as ad tech, health tech, and eCommerce. He enjoys the more technical aspects of product management and is currently focused on building Bombas’ eCommerce Platform.

Adam T. is a product management expert, speaker, coach with over 10 years experience managing product teams. He’s passionate about social justice and the behavioral psychology at work within product teams.

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    Adam Thomas Principal Approaching One

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    Adam Hecht Senior Product Manager

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    Lisa Wagner Product Coach


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