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Introduction to Airtable Blocks

About this webinar

Airtable Blocks are modular apps that live on top of your Airtable bases. We like to think of them as superpowers for your base 🚀. From map, chart, and timeline, which introduce new ways to visualize your work, to Google Cloud Vision, translate, and send SMS, which help put your work into action, blocks not only enhance your existing Airtable use cases, but also introduce completely new ways of building your own app workflows. This webinar will kick off our Airtable Blocks webinar series by providing an overview of the newly launched Blocks platform. Following this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Install a variety of blocks onto an existing Airtable base
  • Configure blocks to focus specifically on the content that matters to you most
  • Create a custom blocks dashboard useful for reporting and insight gathering

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  • Guest speaker
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    Shani Taylor Customer Success Manager @ Airtable


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