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How to win & retain customers for your biggest Q4 ever

About this event

While the pandemic threw the global economy into chaos, many Australian retailers have experienced unprecedented and explosive growth thanks to a dramatic shift towards digitisation.

From online food delivery to activewear, many eCommerce businesses across the country have shaken off the COVID-19 uncertainty and are booming, both at home and overseas. Nailing customer acquisition and retention is key to capitalising on new growth opportunities, and many businesses still struggle to build a robust customer pipeline.

Learn how to build a customer-obsessed culture with Naomi Simson, how Brosa manages cash flow during the global pandemic, plus get a sneak peek into how Ettitude’s approaching emerging promotional strategies, and much more.

​​In this interactive webinar, industry experts and successful eCommerce players will share what they're thinking about right now to be Q4 ready, including how to:

  • Grow beyond your core customer base with new and emerging channels
  • Forecast demand and ensure alignment across marketing, operations and finance
  • Maximise your Q4 and carry the momentum into 2022

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Rushabh Sanghavi Chief Commercial Officer @ Brosa

  • Team member
    AE T
    Airwallex Events Airwallex

  • Team member
    Brendan Connaughton Growth Marketing Lead @ Airwallex

  • Guest speaker
    Phoebe Yu Founder & CEO @ ettitude

  • Guest speaker
    Naomi Simson Founder @ Red Balloon


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