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Approaching the Metaverse from an Ethical Standpoint: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

About this event

The ethical implications of the Metaverse are far-reaching and complex. This insights Live Webinar will investigate the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of Metaverse ethics.

For instance, How much information should be made available to others in the Metaverse? What are the implications of sharing personal information in a virtual world? Should people be allowed to remain anonymous in the Metaverse? What are the limits of free speech in the Metaverse? Should there be any restrictions on the type of speech that is allowed in the virtual world? Who owns the virtual property in the Metaverse? What are the implications of restricting access to the virtual world?

Our panel of industry experts will cover topics such as:

  1. What concerns should I have about Metaverse Ethics?
  2. What should I be hopeful about within Metaverse Ethics?
  3. What can this ethical debate teach us about the future of the Metaverse and immersive technology?

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  • Guest speaker
    Felix Hartmann Founder & Managing Partner @ Hartmann Capital

    Felix Hartmann is a German-American Tech Entrepreneur, Futurist, and Asset Manager. Hartmann serves as the managing partner of Hartmann Capital, a frontier tech investment firm, home to both one of the first crypto asset hedge funds and metaverse venture funds. Next to the fund, Hartmann sits on the DAO of Enzyme finance, founded Crypto Academy, and published the bestselling dystopian fiction novel 'Dark Age'. Hartmann‘s mission is to guide the world away from a self-inflicted dystopia and towards a thriving future. Recently Hartmann has been on CNBC, Real Vision, the Pomp Podcast, and mentioned in most industry and mainstream news outlets (The Times, Nasdaq, Forbes, Hackernoon, Cointelegraph, Blockworks, Coindesk and more.)

  • Guest speaker
    Elijah Claude XR Design Strategist @ Futurus

    A self-professed ‘TechnoWizard in training’, Elijah is obsessed with changing the world for the better with empowering, inclusive, and magical technology. He has operated one of the highest-rated VR arcades in the world and is transferring that customer experience to develop exceptional UX for XR as a design strategist at Futurus, a future technologies company. He also works with communities like the Open Metaverse Interoperability group to help create and protect the freedom of virtual worlds.

  • Guest speaker
    Aaron Pulkka Program Director @ Amber

    Aaron is an interactive entertainment design and production leader with 25+ years of experience with VR/AR, emerging tech & games, including roles at Walt Disney Imagineering, Sony, Activision and Two Bit Circus.

  • Guest speaker
    Nick Rosa XR Lead Europe @ Accenture

    Creative technologist, experience designer, and digital transformation specialist, Nicola “Nick” Rosa is part of the Accenture Technology Innovation practice where he leads the European Extended Reality (XR) Team and is also the Global Offering Lead for Immersive Learning. Nicola is also the chairman of the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) council for Immersive Technologies; and a Non-Executive Director at the Academy Of International Extended Reality (AIXR)


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