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How the Metaverse would transform Education?

About this event

While much of the attention on the growth of the metaverse has been focused on entertainment, there is significant interest amongst those in the industry of education in the potential of the technology.

In this Insights Live Webinar, we seek to redress the balance as we speak to insiders from the field of XR education about the ways in which the metaverse will influence the education industry.

We will discover more about the potential to revolutionize education by providing a more immersive and interactive learning experience, with increased interaction, opportunities for demonstrations and explorative learning, before discussing the ways in which we can foster a more efficient way to connect students and educators from around the world.

Our panel of industry experts will cover topics such as:

  1. What potential applications exist for education in the metaverse?
  2. How can we encourage traditional education to embrace technology?
  3. How do we protect vulnerable groups (like young people) within the metaverse?

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  • Guest speaker
    Sophie Thompson CEO & Co-founder @ VirtualSpeech

    Sophie co-founded VirtualSpeech in 2016 as a way to overcome her fear of public speaking. She realised that VR was uniquely positioned to help people practice skills in a safe environment and build their skills and confidence for real-world situations. In just 18 months of using VR, Sophie went from being too anxious to order food at a restaurant to being interviewed live on BBC World News. Sophie’s journey with VirtualSpeech has been featured in a number of media outlets and she has won awards such as 'Inspirational Woman in Tech' for her achievements with the company.


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