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AIXR invites you to their event

Human Progress and the "Programmable World"

About this event

Within the immersive tech space, there is a growing movement of experts who wish to monitor some of the deeper psychological effects of the technology that is revolutionising our lives.

The programmable world has already brought so much advancement to humankind, and it has the potential to go much further than we can even imagine!

In this insights live webinar, we take a philosophical look at the effects that the disciplines of immersive technology have had on the development of humanity in the modern age. Up for discussion are the metaverse, human/computer interfacing, ethics, virtual identity, and the emergence of decentralization.

Our panel of industry experts will cover topics such as:

  1. What effect will the metaverse have on us as humans?
  2. What is the logical future or end goal of merging man and machine?
  3. How do we acknowledge the ethical issues surrounding immersive technologies and human behaviours?


The Academy of International Extended Reality

AIXR is a thriving membership community for VR/AR/MR businesses internationally, where you can connect with other leaders, develop your skills and be heard.