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Metaverse vs Web3: A Convergence?

About this event

Within the realms of future tech, two terms that have been bandied around quite a lot recently are the 'Metaverse' and Web3. In some quarters, the terms have started to become confused, not helped by the influence of blockchain. However, it is important to realise both are entirely different concepts.

Despite their differences, however, the Metaverse and Web3 have the potential to complement each other.

In this Insights Live Webinar, our panel will investigate what the Metaverse and Web3 will mean for all of us, and look to clarify some of the confusion surrounding the terms.

Our panel of industry experts will cover topics such as:

  1. What is the difference between the Metaverse and Web3?
  2. What potential do they have to interlink?
  3. Is this something that will benefit or hinder progress?

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  • Guest speaker
    Aaron Pulkka Program Director @ Amber

    Aaron is an interactive entertainment design and production leader with 25+ years of experience with VR/AR, emerging tech & games, including roles at Walt Disney Imagineering, Sony, Activision and Two Bit Circus.

  • Guest speaker
    Elijah Claude XR Design Strategist @ Futurus

    A self-professed ‘TechnoWizard in training’, Elijah is obsessed with changing the world for the better with empowering, inclusive, and magical technology. He has operated one of the highest-rated VR arcades in the world and is transferring that customer experience to develop exceptional UX for XR as a design strategist at Futurus, a future technologies company. He also works with communities like the Open Metaverse Interoperability group to help create and protect the freedom of virtual worlds.

  • Guest speaker
    Dulce Baerga Virtual World Builder @ Immers Space

    Dulce Baerga has been producing interactive content for over 20 years. Building sites ranging from entertainment based portals to product based community site. She’s a self-taught full stack developer, front-end engineer and network/IT manager who’s passionate about augmented reality and virtual reality platforms. Her skill set includes developing concepts, programming demos, creating UI/UX design, scripting user interactivity, building 3D simulations, creating virtual products, and building webXR apps. She’s also an active resident of multiple virtual worlds, top prize winner at XR related hackathons, and deeply embedded in the XR community.

  • Guest speaker
    Lesley Klassen CEO & Co-Founder @ Flipside XR

    Lesley has been working in the field of virtual reality since the fall of 2013 and has taken part in developing more than 10 virtual reality experiences ranging from interactive tower cranes, art creation experiences, virtual mediation, and the world's first multiplayer board game in VR. The insights that came from working on these projects led to Flipside Studio, a real-time animated show platform that allows creators to make animated shows for 2D screens and virtual reality


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