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How to sell LightSwitch and LifeQuality | Scandinavia

About this event

Recently Ajax LightSwitch (smart light switch) and Ajax LifeQuality (smart air quality monitor) became available for sale to end users. These devices complemented the Ajax automation devices and created a separate product line - Comfort and Productivity.

Join our webinar to learn about effective LightSwitch and LifeQuality sales scenarios and mechanics.

Who will benefit from the webinar

  • existing Ajax security installers
  • electrician installation companies and integrators
  • sales specialists in security companies
  • smart home systems engineers

What you’ll learn at the webinar

  • how to enhance security of any object with LightSwitch
  • why selling one LightSwitch to end user is a profitable and promising service
  • why the value of LifeQuality is much more important than its price
  • the  prospects for cross-selling with Ajax new product line Comfort and Productivity

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