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Ajax Systems invites you to their event

Multi-release: Beyond Security

About this event

Quarantine may correct our plans, but it doesn’t cancel them. Ajax educational program carries on with the launch of a free webinar series. Join us at the next streaming session to deepen your knowledge of the product. Use this period of self-isolation to learn how to integrate new products and services in your business and offer your clients more. 

At this webinar we will cover:

  • Visual alarm verification. When to use MotionCam detectors and how to set up the CMS to receive photo confirmations of the alarms. 
  • Security automation. How to set up a security system that responds to alarms with Ajax scenarios.
  • Radio range extension. How to apply one hub to secure larger residential and commercial properties.     

After the webinar, you’ll receive an online test. Pass it to claim your certificate of completion. 


Vladimir Luhovskyi, pre-sale engineer

For more information about our events go to: https://ajax.systems/events

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