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Multi-release: Beyond Security

About this event

If you missed the opportunity, here is the second chance. “Multi-release: Beyond Security” webinar goes live again on May 5th.

Note: this is a repeated webinar. Do not register, if you’ve already participated in the first one.  

At this webinar we will cover:

  • Visual alarm verification. When to use MotionCam detectors and how to set up the CMS to receive photo confirmations of the alarms. 
  • Security automation. How to set up a security system that responds to alarms with Ajax scenarios.
  • Radio range extension. How to apply one hub to secure larger residential and commercial properties.    

We’ll leave some time for a Q&A session after the presentation. 

Moreover, after the webinar, you’ll receive an online test. Pass it to claim your certificate of completion.


Vladimir Luhovskyi, pre-sale engineer

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