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AKTEOS invites you to their event

How to create a Culture of Inclusion - Replay VOSTFR

About this event

Why is it vital today to create an inclusive culture in the workplace? What are the challenges?

To answer these questions and come away with a deeper understanding of critical inclusion-based topics that you can apply in your own organization, Akteos is pleased to invite you to a free webinar.

📌 With this webinar, both educational and insightful, we wish to offer you the opportunity to become more proactive on your own Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) journey and help you define what DEI means to you:

  • Identify different specifics of exclusion and recognise the barriers to inclusion
  • Explore where you are on a diversity good practice maturity matrix
  • Explore what you can be doing differently to become an employer of choice
  • Discover how to build an inclusive ecosystem through Allyship
  • Discuss what you can do differently to become more inclusive

🎤 Speaker: Gamiel Yafai

Recipient of the Global Diversity Leadership Award 🏆 presented by the Global HRD Congress, and Author of ‘Demystifying Diversity’ and ‘Yemen Proud’, Gamiel has worked over the last 21 years with some of Europe’s largest Employers to design and implement Diversity and Inclusion Culture Change strategies and action plans to both attract new talent from diverse backgrounds and to support existing talent reach their potential through focusing on Inclusivity.


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