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Weather matters – why you should optimize your forecasts using weather data

About this event

Accurate demand forecasting is a key business need as many processes from Production, Staffing and Marketing to Supply and Logistics require proper ahead planning. Usually, many factors about product, price, advertising, location, and season are considered by common forecasting models. However, the local weather is often neglected, although it has a decisive influence on consumer behaviour.

Including weather in demand forecasting optimizes your forecast accuracy and avoids costly planning errors such as out-of-stock situations, expensive overproduction, high returns or unnecessary waste.

In this webinar, [at] and METEONOMIQS join forces and show

  • how to tackle and automatize demand forecasting and
  • how weather data can help you in optimizing your forecasting outputs.

The event takes place online. Registration is free.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Stefan Bornemann CCO @ wetter.com GmbH

    Stefan Bornemann is COO of wetter.com, the leading weather offering in Central Europe. Focus of his work is METEONOMIQS, wetter.com’s data unit serving customers with business products and solutions using wetter.com’s large expertise in weather and geo data.

  • Guest speaker
    Jose Manuel Berutich Lindquist Senior Data Scientist @ Alexander Thamm GmbH

    Jose Manuel holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and has been working as a Data Scientist for the past 10 years focusing on forecasting, deep learning and complex optimization problems for the retail, manufacturing and electricity industries.

  • Guest speaker
    Jörg Bienert CPO & Partner @ Alexander Thamm GmbH

    Jörg Bienert is Partner und CPO at the Alexander Thamm GmbH, a leading provider of artificial intelligence, data science and big data in the German-speaking world. Furthermore, he is founding member and president of the KI Bundesverband, the German AI association.

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