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Developer Intermediate Bootcamp

About this event

This Algorand Bootcamp contains intermediate content which builds on the concepts previously covered in the Beginner Bootcamp series. Here, developers will build and refactor a DAO contract and an NFT minting factory contract. By combining these two contracts, and additionally the auction dApp from the beginner series, the developer will enable the DAO members to propose, vote, mint and auction NFT containing various traits.

You will not be automatically registered for all sessions by registering for one.

All the content will be in English and it is totally free, so if you are a developer and you ask yourself: Why should I be interested in learning about Algorand and participating in the Bootcamp?

Algorand has different SDK's to help you with the building process in different languages and with extensive documentation.

The costs and speed for testing on Algorand are extremely low, which will allow you to learn and test without friction.

The companies that work with Algorand are constantly looking for developers to join their work teams.

At the end of the Bootcamp you will be able to participate in solving challenges that will test your knowledge and will serve as a cover letter for you to apply for a Web3 job in the Algorand ecosystem.

When you decide to start working in blockchain, it is essential that you know the characteristics of the protocol that you are going to use, here are those of Algorand:

  • It is a layer 1 network that can process more than 6,000 transactions per second and is expected to reach 10,000.
  • The cost per transaction is 0.001 ALGO == $0.0003 USD Approx.
  • Our blocks are processed in 4 seconds.
  • We are a carbon negative blockchain as we are committed to being environmentally friendly.

What will you learn during the Bootcamp?

Each session is 2 hours. 1.5 hours of content and 0.5 hours of Q&A.

Session 1: State Storage

  • Build a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) contract
  • Use local and global state values
  • Refactor to make use of box storage state values
  • Implement proposal and voting mechanics

Session 2: User-Defined Data Types

  • Explore various types: base, custom, tuple
  • Design a tuple for holding NFT traits within box storage
  • Update DAO contract to vote on those traits

Session 3: Algorand Standards (ARC) for NFT, ABI and More

  • Introduce ARCs using SDKs
  • Explore various NFT standards (3, 4, 19, 69)
  • Update DAO contract using custom data type based on an NFT ARC
  • Test the contract by importing the ABI into dAppFlow
  • Introduce off-chain data storage using IPFS

Session 4: Contract Composability

  • Implement NFT Factory
  • Enable the DAO to mint NFTs based on proposals/votes
  • Reuse auction from beginner to sell NFT
  • Distribute earnings to DAO members

Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome to build on Algorand! It is encouraged that you have successfully completed the Algorand Developer Bootcamp Beginner series, as that content provides the foundation for these intermediate sessions.

Hosted by

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    Joe Polny

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    Ryan Fox DevRel @ Algorand Foundation

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    Ronan Breen Digital Marketing Manager @ Algorand Foundation

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