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Earth Day in a Green Metaverse Presented by Algorand Foundation

About this event

The Algorand Foundation is pleased to announce its first-ever metaverse event dedicated to Earth Day. This Earth Day event will consist of a 1-day live celebration as well as a month-long exhibition of ESG and NFT projects from the Algorand ecosystem. We are honored to have guest speakers from various eco-friendly projects, in addition to leaders from organizations looking to leverage blockchain technology, joining us to share their visions and realize their goals of sustainable development.

Register for this event to participate in the metaverse and a kick-off session with a demo of the metaverse and the incredible speeches from the leaders.

The metaverse will be open 24/7 for 4 weeks so no worries if you cannot make it to the kick-off session, you can access the metaverse anytime anywhere for another 30 days!

The metaverse event will be hosted on xSpaces, an Australian-based Metaverse platform. Please read the guide here to get ready for your xSpaces metaverse experience!

  1. First go to and download the App that is compatible with your device, whether it is on your Mac/PC, iOS/Android Mobile phone, or VR compatible device.
  2. Once downloaded, please follow the instructions to install on your device. You may have to accept a 3rd party installation if downloading on PC.
  3. You must then sign up and make an xSpaces account. Make sure your username is nice and recognizable as it cannot be changed afterwards.
  4. Have a go in the public channel to get used to the navigation and experience. Bear in mind for first time users, each scene can take some time to download.
  5. Finally, sit tight and wait for our Algorand metaverse to start on 22nd April!

All attendees will also receive a NFT badge for the event from the Algorand Foundation. We look forward to you joining us!

NFT Algorand Wallet:

Please be advised to receive the NFT you will first have to ensure you have opted into the asset ID on your wallet. The asset id for the Earth Day NFT is 710482168. You must opt in to receive the asset ID on your wallet to be able to receive the airdrop. Learn how to create a wallet in 3 minutes at if you do not currently hold an an Algorand Standard Assets (ASA) compatible wallet. (Pera, MyAlgoWallet)

NFT Badge:

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