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Algorand Foundation invites you to their event

Road to Decipher Bootcamp

About this event

Join us for the Road to Decipher Bootcamp series. The series includes 3 sessions with each session requiring a registration to attend.

This virtual Bootcamp will allow you to start your path in the development of decentralized applications using Algorand, taking advantage of its native technical characteristics.

All the content will be in English and it is totally free, so if you are a developer and you ask yourself: Why should I be interested in learning about Algorand and participating in the Bootcamp?

● Algorand has different SDK's to help you with the building process in different languages and with extensive documentation.

● The costs and speed for testing on Algorand are extremely low, which will allow you to learn and test without friction.

● The companies that work with Algorand are constantly looking for developers to join their work teams.

● At the end of the Bootcamp you will be able to participate in solving

challenges that will test your knowledge and will serve as a cover letter for you to apply for a Web3 job in the Algorand ecosystem.

When you decide to start working in blockchain, it is essential that you know the characteristics of the protocol that you are going to use, here are those of Algorand:

● It is a layer 1 network that can process more than 6,000 transactions per second and is expected to reach 10,000.

● The cost per transaction is 0.001 ALGO == $0.0003 USD Approx.

● Our blocks are processed in 4 seconds.

● We are a carbon negative blockchain as we are committed to being environmentally friendly.

ICYMI: FIFA selected Algorand to power its official digital collectibles marketplace, FIFA+ Collect, which launched just in time for this year's World Cup. This means that by participating in the Algorand bootcamp you will learn to develop on a network that is being used by all football fans worldwide!

The agenda for each of the 3 developer sessions are outlined below and you must regsiter for each respective session Registering for one session doe snot register you for all 3.

Session 1 - Introduction to Algorand(2 hrs)

  • Introduction to Algorand and general features
  • Ecosystem and use cases
  • Layer-1 Characteristics
  • Setting up the Dev Environment
  • What is the sandbox and how to configure it
  • Getting to know the Algorand SDKs

Session 2 - Creation and deployment of smart contract(2 hrs)

  • Introduction to Algorand Smart Contracts
  • Introduction to PyTeal
  • Building and deploy your first smart contract
  • Decentralized marketplace example using PyTeal

Session 3 - Building on Algorand with Beaker(2 hrs)

  • Intro to Beaker
  • Pyteal vs Beaker
  • Beaker Dev environment
  • Example Dapp on Beaker

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Pranjal Bhardwaj Developer Relations Asia @ Algorand Foundation

    Pranjal is the DevRel in Asia for Algorand Foundation. Pranjal previously worked with Polygon, Consensys, Nethermind and Chainstack as a developer relations manager. He has participated in 25+ hackathons as a mentor and judge where he mentored 10,000+ student developers.

  • Team member
    Rayan Khalil

    Rayan is the Algorand Foundation Community Manager responsible for the Middle East region.‍ Before joining Algorand, Rayan took part in different entrepreneurial projects. He worked in multiple Esports startups across the MENA region, was a board member of the Arab Esports Federation, and started a mining farm. After seeing the ecological damages caused by the Proof of Work model, Rayan took the decision to terminate his mining activities and join Algorand to be part of an eco-friendly environment.

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