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Exclusive Event: Demo for Customers and Partners

About this event

AllocNow has accompanied numerous leading chemical manufacturers on their sustainability journeys. While we’ve successfully delivered our scalable LCA solution to some, we know many are still in the dark, struggling with excel sheets and tools that require intensive manual effort.

For the first time, we are offering our solution demo through a webinar. Interested? Here is a checklist for you:

  • Are you working in the chemical, pharmaceutical or process industry?
  • Do you or your team struggle with increasing LCA requests from customers, especially product carbon footprints (PCFs)?
  • Does your company aim to understand and manage impacts along value chains?

If so, join us at the 30min demo! This unique opportunity is exclusively offered to customers and potential industry partners.

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    Nico Lauter

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    Daniel Bochnitschek CEO @ AllocNow GmbH

    Daniel is Co-Founder and CEO of AllocNow. Together with his team he supports chemical companies in driving the transformation towards sustainable and circular business models. Prior to co-founding AllocNow, he spent eight years in management consulting, focusing on the chemical industry.


Product Sustainability Platform for the Chemical Industry

AllocNow is a cleantech company with a focus on the chemical and process industry. We support companies to calculate, communicate, reduce and commercialize their product carbon footprints (PCFs).