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LCA at Industrial Scale: the Why, the How, the What

About this event

Product carbon footprints and further product-related sustainability metrics are becoming decisive factors in business steering and purchasing decisions. 

This unstoppable trend is bringing sustainability and life cycle assessment departments into the spotlight at many companies – their services are turning business critical. 

However, the surge in internal and external demand for more specific, detailed, and timely product sustainability data is pushing traditional means of life cycle assessment to their limits.  

Join our Webinar on Thursday, 16 February 2023, where we discuss 

  • the Why: determining the business value of automated LCA for chemical product portfolios,
  • the How: leveraging an innovative and broadly accepted industry standard (TfS PCF-Guideline) to generate reliable and trustworthy LCA results based on primary data, and
  • the What: scaling LCA in terms of portfolio coverage and access to drive operational business decision making across functions.

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    Daniel Bochnitschek CEO @ AllocNow GmbH

    Daniel is Co-Founder and CEO of AllocNow. Together with his team he supports chemical companies in driving the transformation towards sustainable and circular business models. Prior to co-founding AllocNow, he spent eight years in management consulting, focusing on the chemical industry.


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AllocNow is a cleantech company with a focus on the chemical and process industry. We support companies to calculate, communicate, reduce and commercialize their product carbon footprints (PCFs).