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Allurion Information Evening: Lose 10-15% of your body weight without surgery, endoscopy, anaesthesia

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Medical, science-backed weight loss: discover the Allurion Program and its Gastric Balloon requiring NO Surgery, NO Endoscopy, NO Anaesthesia

Kickstart your weight-loss journey and lose 10 to 15% of your body weight in approximately 16 weeks with the Allurion Program

During this free webinar, Dr Niroshan Muwanwella (Gastroenterologist), Dr Viraj Kariyawasam (Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist) and Timmy Chu (Dietitian) from Healthy Weight Australia - Western Australia will present to you the Allurion Program and the Allurion Balloon. You'll be able to ask your questions live and interact with them.

The Allurion gastric balloon is swallowed in the form of a capsule and then filled with water once in the stomach. It takes space in the stomach, which gives the sensation of fullness and helps reduce food intake and hunger. At the same time, the nutritionist care and support team help reset lifestyle habits (food, exercise, mindset), for sustainable weight loss.

10% to 15% of the total body weight loss can be lost thanks to the Allurion Program

95% of weight-loss from the Allurion Balloon can be sustained at 12 months


  • Clinical Trial Reports: DAA069 and DAA105
  • Ienca R, Giardiello C, Schiano Di Cola R, et al., "The Evolution of the Allurion Program for Long-Term Weight Loss: From Virtual Monitoring to a Virtual Care Suite" (European Congress on Obesity, May 2022 - LBP4.16)

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  • Guest speaker
    Niroshan Muwanwella Gastroenterologist

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    Shamani M

  • Guest speaker
    Timmy Chu Dietician @ Healthy Weight Australia

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    Marcie Brown Patient Advocate @ Healthy Weight Australia

  • Guest speaker
    Viraj Kariyawasam Gastrointerologist & heptologist @ Healthy Weight Australia

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