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Sustainable freight procurement with TenderEasy and Northvolt: Logistics for a Gigafactory

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Discover sustainable, scalable freight procurement with TenderEasy & Northvolt

Watch a recording of our webinar, ‘Sustainable freight procurement with TenderEasy and Northvolt: logistics for a Gigafactory.’

How does an optimized freight procurement solution accelerate the future of energy? TenderEasy and green battery manufacturer Northvolt discuss this and more.

In order to produce the world’s greenest battery, Northvolt needed to build sustainable gigafactories from the ground up. This required a freight procurement solution that was quick to implement, reliable and efficient. This webinar shows how TenderEasy exceeded these criteria – and optimized freight cost to keep Northvolt scaling up.

Additional topics will include:

  • Common challenges in freight procurement
  • What the TenderEasy solution offers and why it was the right fit for Northvolt
  • How an optimized logistics solution supports a business driving sustainable change

The webinar includes an in-depth success story with Bartek Borczyński, Director of Logistics for Northvolt, to discuss why the TenderEasy solution is an essential part of Northvolt’s sustainable logistics strategy.

Webinar presenters:

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