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GMP ANNEX 1: How to set up your garment qualification program

About this event

Join our live webinar featuring a panel of experts. During this online event, we will discuss topics regarding Annex 1 and the garment qualification program. Such as end-of-life validation, microbial monitoring, aseptic gowning, and many more.

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  • Team member
    RD T
    Remi De Bock Technical Advisor @ Alsico High Tech

  • Guest speaker
    AY G
    Alvaro Yepes Technical Director @ Vestilab

  • Guest speaker
    IF G
    Inyaki Freixa Contamination control expert @ Vestilab

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Alsico High Tech is a global supplier of garments for cleanrooms, clean areas, ESD environments and operating theatres. We develop, produce and supply high quality cleanroom garments, clean area garments and ESD garments to rental companies, end-users and specialised distributors.