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Health and safety protection with Thermal Imaging technology

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Health and safety protection with Thermal Imaging Technology

With its ability to detect extremely small temperature variations, thermal imaging is an indispensable part of many civil security and surveillance applications. An increasing number of industrial companies, public institutions, transportation authorities and agencies use thermal imaging technology to secure the health and safety of their personnel and guests. Subscribe to discuss with our experts the benefits that this unique technology can bring to your customers.”

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  • Guest speaker
    CJ G
    Christoffer Jernberg Business Development Manager Nordics @ Ergotron

  • Guest speaker
    AK G
    Anders Kjellberg Mobotix

  • Guest speaker
    Helén Pettersson Ergotron

  • Team member
    LD T
    Lotta Dunder Also Finland Oy

ALSO Nordics

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