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Intel and Windows 10 Pro – Power and productivity

About this event

This time we have invited our friends at INTEL for a full hour on the topic how Windows and Intel gives you the best modern productivity solution for business users.

Make sure to join as we will cover the fundamentals of the Intel and Windows setup, and how you can benefit business by offering solutions powered by Intel and Microsoft to your customers!

After the webinar you will:

  • Have knowledge on what makes Intel and Windows a productivity combination for customers to rely on.
  • Be able to advise your customers and pitch Windows and Intel as the best solution for their business
  • Help customers find the right solution for their needs and advise them on their software, OS and Processor specific questions

Hosted by

  • Team member
    KV T
    Kristina Vernersson

  • Guest speaker
    SL G
    Sebastian Lennartsson

  • Guest speaker
    MB G
    Marc Beckers Intel

  • Guest speaker
    HB G
    Harry Beijersbergen van Henegouwen

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