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Windows 10 Pro – Increase sales and refine your pitch on the best OS for business.

How to capture more potential business and refine your sales pitch on Windows 10 Pro (Sales side)

Increase your sales on Windows 10 Pro - the best OS for a modern device. The Windows 10 platform is dominating share of Windows OS in Sweden, how do we convert the final part of addressable market - how big our business opportunity is and what could this mean for your business! Key learning: How reseller perfect their pitch and increase sales on Windows 10 Pro.

Learn the features that makes Windows 10 Pro a safer and better solution for business (Tech side)

Deep dive into modern devices and modern work solutions, showing the different features that users benefit from if they are on Windows 10 Pro. Key learning: How and in what areas is Win10Pro the best OS for SMB customers

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  • Guest speaker
    Malene Troelsen Marketing projektleder @ ALSO

    Malene er rigtig sød, dygtig, osv. osv.

  • Team member
    Marketing Danmark ALSO

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