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Date your Donors: How to Attract and Engage a New Generation of Philanthropists

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How do we showcase the mission and vision of your cause in a way that not only compels greater support from existing donors, but also attracts a new generation of leaders and givers? Through the lens of courtship and personal relationships, Jonah will guide us through 21st-century donor cultivation and solicitation, and how it relates to our organizations in a world where donors have so many philanthropic options - and much less attention span.


All attendees receive a FREE digital/kindle copy of Date your Donors: How to Attract and Engage the Next Generation of Philanthropists: https://www.altruicity.com/book

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    Jonah Halper President @ ALTRUICITY

    Jonah is a leader in nonprofit marketing and fundraising, specializing in new donor acquisition. As president of ALTRUICITY, Jonah coaches many organizations and enjoys seeing the impact of his work.


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ALTRUICITY is a fundraising strategy and project management firm empowering Jewish nonprofits to meet and exceed their fundraising goals through relationship-driven strategies, turn-key systems, and habits that fuel sustainable growth.