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Give Nachas, Get Money: Running an Effective Grandparents Campaign

About this event

Grandparents prove to be a very compelling audience for engagement and solicitation. The audience is sizable, the runway for engagement is short, and they have more discretionary income which therefore improves their ability to give generously to your school.

We will explore proven best practices to help your school build a sustainable base of annual donors from the hundreds of grandparent households in your school.

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    Jonah Halper President @ ALTRUICITY

    Jonah is a leader in nonprofit marketing and fundraising, specializing in new donor acquisition. As president of ALTRUICITY, Jonah coaches many organizations and enjoys seeing the impact of his work.


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ALTRUICITY is a fundraising strategy and project management firm empowering Jewish nonprofits to meet and exceed their fundraising goals through relationship-driven strategies, turn-key systems, and habits that fuel sustainable growth.