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American Express invites you to their event

American Express Small Business Workshop: Cyber Security - Is Your Business Protected?

About this event

With so much of our personal and professional lives lived online, both a company’s and its customers’ confidential data are at continued risk of a cyber-attack. With one in three businesses experiencing a breach at least once a week, small business owners can’t afford to not brush up on security measures to fight back against hacks. *

Are you in the know about the latest tactics cybercriminals are deploying? Is your data stored safely and securely? Do you have safeguarding protocols in place and are remote employees following them? Join this workshop to learn:

  • The most common security threats today
  • Protect assets when working from home
  • Protecting customer privacy and data
  • Backing up data
  • Avoiding online payment fraud
  • Protecting your smartphone and tablet
  • How to avoid phishing
  • Cyber security on a budget
  • What's on the horizon for cyber security
  • And time for a Q&A

Our cyber security expert's Anthony and Charlotte from the Mollis Group will equip small business owners with the knowledge, tools and best practices they need to survive against this ever-changing backdrop. Mollis Group is a hybrid-cloud security consultancy that helps businesses digitally transform. They build resilient, secure cloud solutions you can trust; whether it’s Infrastructure modernisation, cloud security or data governance, they help organisations evolve securely with simplicity and efficiency, all on the cleanest cloud in the industry.

(Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2022)*

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  • Guest speaker
    Anthony Macey Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer @ Mollis Group

    Anthony Macey is a seasoned technology evangelist and cloud security architect he is currently the CTO of Mollis Group, a cloud cyber security company. His recent career highlights include the creation of the Mollis Groups evolution & swordfish engines, (fraud, online banking and cloud security).

  • Guest speaker
    Charlotte Watson Co-Founder @ Mollis Group

    Charlotte Watson is the Co-Founder of Mollis Group, a cloud security company. Her communicative style humanises the tech speak and offers a no-nonsense approach that helps business leaders figure out what they need from their security management and how to get there.