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Kronos TFF system as a tool for process development as part of QbD requirement.

About this event

Kronos TFF system  as a tool for  process development as part of QbD requirement.

rVSV-spike vaccine candidate for COVID-19, a case study.

Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF), aka Cross Flow Filtration, is a critical step in downstream bioprocessing and has its unique set of challenges.

Using the TFF technique has major advantages: unlike a dead-end impact filter, the product stream in TFF moves in parallel to the filter. This allows solids to be kept in solution and minimizes the buildup of a “filter cake” which can foul the membrane.

However, downstream processing departments struggle on topics like:

“How can I do TFF process development meeting QBD requirements?“

“How can TFF be more reliable and better optimized for process-driven systems?”

Fortunately, today’s industrial design — even in compact, benchtop TFF systems — provides for accurate and continuous transitions to scaling up.

What will you learn?

Use of an automated and flexible tangential flow filtration system as a tool for process development.

During the lecture we will describe typical process development methods, also taking into consideration cleaning, product yield and economical aspects.

A case study “Recovery and Concentration of Cell Culture-Derived rVSV-Spike Vaccine Candidate for Covid-19” will serve as an example.

For who?

All downstream processing staff in biotechnology companies.


Isaac Attias

Downstream processing application support

Solaris Biotech

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    Isaac Attias Application Support Downstream processing @ Solaris Biotech



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