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Automotive retail: Build for the road ahead…

About this event

The world of automotive retail is evolving in ways never seen before. Retailers find themselves facing shifting expectations from the consumer and disruptions to global supply chains as a consequence of the pandemic.

Join Google Cloud and explore some of the steps you can take to stay relevant in the face of creative disruption from emerging retail models.

Specifically, learn how to use your existing data to derive valuable and actionable insights that will drive your business forwards and ensure you are not left behind in the new world of online car purchasing.

Topics include:

  • Trends and key challenges facing the automotive retail industry
  • How to use data and cloud to adapt to this new landscape
  • How to build financial resilience and unlock operational efficiencies
  • Discover new ways to survive, even thrive, in a digital, omni-channel environment.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Ciarán Connolly Corporate Account Executive @ Google Cloud

  • Guest speaker
    Joe O'Gorman Account Manager Automotive @ Google Cloud


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