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Data Tutorial - Step 1: How to regain control of your data

About this event

James Green, Head of Data, Analytics and AI at Ancoris guides you through the three steps of creating your own modern analytics platform. For maximum impact, we recommend you attend all three tutorials in the series.

Step 1: What you will learn in this session:

Data silos make it time-consuming, costly and difficult to gain actionable insights. Centralising your data is the first step to unlocking its potential.

This tutorial shows how to consolidate your data sources and apply the necessary transformations and governance to clean, conform and enrich your data, ready for consumption.

  • Ingest - How to ingest your data, both batch and streaming, into the Google Cloud Platform, at any scale. Work with disparate data sources including iSaaS, on-prem data stores, spreadsheets, iOT devices and external APIs.
  • Store - How to use a serverless architecture which separates storage and compute, scaling on-demand with your data needs and reducing cost.We will look at Google BigQuery, a petabyte-scale, highly available and secure data warehouse platform.
  • Transform - We will discuss coupling dbt with our own Kimball inspired methodology to transform your raw data for consumption. Logical layers enforce strong reproducibility, maintainability, data governance and data engineering best practices.

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    Bailey Sharp-Ledger

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    Johannes Castner

  • Guest speaker
    Gethin Jones Senior Trading Executive @ Sigma Sports

  • Team member
    James Green Head of Data, Analytics & AI @ Ancoris

    James is a Cloud Data Warehouse specialist with a wealth of experience in data analytics, having worked for market leading companies including Goldman Sachs (12 years) and Tier-1 consultancy, AlixPartners (5 years).


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