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Data Tutorials - Step 2: How to discover key actionable insights

About this event

James Green, Head of Data, Analytics and AI at Ancoris guides you through the three steps of creating your own modern analytics platform. For maximum impact, we recommend you listen to all three tutorials in the series.

Step 2: What you will learn in this session:

Your data is now ready for consumption. How do you discover key actionable insights? It is not just about learning new trends, patterns and themes hidden in your data but about predicting future outcomes.

The second tutorial in the series discusses how we unlock the potential of your data.

  • Identify. How we evaluate your data and identify actionable machine learning and AI driven insights.
  • Learn. After selecting the appropriate machine learning models to employ, we begin an iterative phase of feature engineering, training and tuning, ensuring every model achieves optimal performance.
  • Predict. Using our proven data architecture we deploy your models, and use the unparalleled compute power of the Google Cloud Platform to generate predictions; delivering actionable insights to drive key decision-making.

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