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Data Tutorial - Step 3: How to surface insights

About this event

James Green, Head of Data, Analytics and AI at Ancoris guides you through the three steps of creating your own modern analytics platform. For maximum impact, we recommend you attend all three tutorials in the series.

Step 3: What you will learn in this session:

You have identified those KPIs which will help your business move forward. How do you deliver value and trigger action by making this data widely available within your organisation?

Learn how to maximise the potential of your data insights with engaging visualisations, self-serve business intelligence and embedded analytics within your customer facing apps and services. Here are the three most compelling attributes:

  • Timely. Our analytics leverage the unparalleled performance of BigQuery; from Cloud DataStudio to Looker, our dashboards focus on responsiveness, impact and reporting changes as they happen.
  • Engaging. We find the key to engaging business leaders is focus. We typically prioritise a few high-value insights for leaders to prompt action and drive value. Dashboards are customised to target specific business areas, functions and seniority-levels.
  • Embedded. Have your analytics embedded everywhere. With advanced platforms like Looker, common analytics layers can be shared across dashboards, self-serve analytics and embedded in web and mobile apps.

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