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Ancoris invites you to their event

Digital Transformation goes mainstream

About this event

Covid-19 has taken digital transformation mainstream - Cloud is vital to sustaining this momentum

While Digital Transformation has been happening in organisations for many years now, the events of 2020 have forced companies to accelerate the pace of this change and make preparations to ensure this change will be permanent. 

Join us on our ‘Ask the Expert’ discussion where we will be joined by Cloud Industry panelists, including Ancoris customer Rentokil Initial.  

We will be showcasing Rentokil’s Digital Transformation journey and exploring new research from the Cloud Industry Forum, reporting Digital Transformation strategies are now taking centre stage. 


Clara Van Heck, Head of Digital Transformation, Ancoris  

Paul Donegan, Digital Innovation Director, Rentokil Initial

Alex Hilton, CEO, Cloud Industry Forum

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  • Guest speaker
    AH G
    Alex Hilton CEO @ Cloud Industry Forum

  • Guest speaker
    Cv G
    Clara van Heck Head of Digital Transformation @ Ancoris

  • Guest speaker
    PD G
    Paul Donegan Group Digital Innovation Director @ Rentokil Initial

  • Guest speaker
    WA G
    Wajid Ali Programme Manager @ Rentokil Initial


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