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How to create the ultimate secure hybrid workplace: Google’s Zero Trust model and Workspace

About this event

With hybrid working expected to become the norm, how will we create a secure workplace?

Join Dominic Parkes, Workspace Specialist Engineer at Google Cloud, and Sean McAndrew, Head of Customer Success at Ancoris for a virtual fireside chat. They will discuss how Google’s BeyondCorp mission and Google Workspace supports secure and collaborative working, irrespective of where you work from.

Discussion topics will include how to:

  • Control what data and applications can be accessed without the need to be on the corporate network or VPN
  • Prevent intentional or unintentional data loss
  • Enrol mobile and chrome devices with a zero-touch approach
  • Remove reliance on Active Directory (AD) for accessing legacy applications
  • Manage policies across operating systems using Chrome Browser Cloud Management

This will be a live session, lasting roughly 30 minutes, and we will include some time at the end for you to quiz Dominic and Sean.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Dominic Parkes Workspace Specialist Engineer @ Google Cloud


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