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Pacific Advisors invites you to their event

Business As Unusual

About this event

What financial moves can you still make, when it seems like many of the moves are being taken away?  We’ve set aside all our typical financial strategies, to craft an entirely new presentation just for business owners managing through these most unusual of times.

Just some of the timely topics we’ll cover...

Financial Moves to Consider Now in Your Business

  • How might you leverage provisions in the CARES Act to use previously profitable tax years to bring in new found cash flow to the present (and increase liquidity through debt financing)
  • What moves can you make to better assure your business can weather the unexpected?
  • How might you take market share with cashless buyout transactions?
  • Were you thinking of selling your business in the next few years, (and why this unique market of suppressed valuation may be a good time for some consider)?
  • How could a “What If” forecast help you project future cash impact during volatile times?

Moves to Consider Now in Your Personal Finances

  • How might you bring “Balance Sheet Thinking” to your personal finances?
  • How much is enough to be financially sufficient for retirement?  
  • Are you satisfied that you have protected your family from the unexpected?
  • How do you find financial balance amid these volatile financial times?
  • Have you considered tax diversification to lessen the impact of future tax increases? 

Join us for a one-of-a-kind session of new financial insights along with multiple ways to take action now.