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Nexus Form Filler: A Bi-Weekly Product Demo

About this event

Want to learn how Nexus, the form filling software for modern-day appraisers, can help streamline your appraisal reporting? To learn the answer to this question and more, join us every other Thursday for a 30-minute live demo and Q&A 😃

The goal is to share modern strategies and tools that can easily be implemented in your own appraisal business to help you build better reports, from anywhere.

  • How Nexus benefits independent appraisers and companies of all sizes.
  • How to collaborate with your office admin and trainees in real-time on a final report.
  • What features have been added to Nexus since it launched?

There will be a short Q&A session following the demo, so you can get your Nexus questions answered by a pro.

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  • Guest speaker
    Steve Blackwell Account Executive @ Anow


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